Kent School Services Network brings health and human services into the school building to serve students and families.  This idea is called a “community school.” 

Placing services at school removes many barriers families have in finding services and helps keep students in class.  When students are in class, they can keep learning and achieving.

The KSSN was created in a broad, community-wide partnership.  This partnership includes local foundations, service providers, the schools and the county.  Currently, KSSN partners with 7 school districts in Kent ISD.  

Our Vision:  Bringing School & Community Together for Children

  • Students learning, growing and achieving
  • Students and families getting the services they need, when they need them - at school
  • We want to help develop the whole child and ensure all children are physically, emotionally, socially and academically ready to learn 

Goals of KSSN

  • Increase student achievement
  • Lower student absences
  • Improve coordination of services
  • Deliver services as they are needed

Each KSSN community school has several full-time staff on site to
serve families. These professionals may include:

  • a "community school coordinator" who helps connect families with needed services
  • a "clinician" who provides counseling, crisis response, workshops, group services and other direct help to families
  • staff from the Department of Human Services (DHS) who help families gain self-sufficiency and get needed services
  • nurses or health aides who provide medical services to help families stay healthy

Depending on the need of families, other services can also be arranged.